Danny, the Champion of the World

Posted by DPS Blog on 26 October 2018

Danny was a smart young boy. When he was 4 months old he has lost his mother. He was brought by his dad with utmost care. They owned a Gas station and a mechanic workshop. They didn’t have a house and stayed in a caravan. The caravan doesn’t have electricity and they always light candles in the evening. His dad was a fun-loving person and treat Danny as a friend. Danny at a young age instead of playing with toys was spending time at his dad’s workshop and learned about repairing the car.

All went fine until a day when Danny came to know about the secret habit of dad. Because of which his dad has got into a trouble and story starts on a high pitch with brave adventures of Danny on saving his dad. Usually, a dad would help his son to achieve his Goals. Things are different here as Danny the world champion helps his dad to achieve his passion. As always the author Roald Dahl entertains us with the beautiful story of a child’s brave adventure and a lovely relationship between Father and Son. Enjoy the book “Danny the Champion of the world” by Roald Dahl. Happy reading.