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Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all. Aristole
At DPS Electronic City, it is our constant endeavor to provide a holistic education that prepares our students from kindergarten through primary and senior secondary school for challenges that lie ahead. We strive to provide a learning environment that fires the imagination, inspires the mind and kindles creativity. We aim for an all-round development of children by providing them with an education that balances academics with cultural, emotional, physical and mental development.

Sri. K. Rahman Khan
Chairman, K. K. Educational and Charitable Trust
Mr. Maqsood Ali Khan
Secretary, K. K. Educational and Charitable Trust
Mr. Mansoor Ali Khan
Treasurer, K. K. Educational and Charitable Trust
Dr. Masood Ali Khan
MD, MHA , Founder & Trustee, K. K. Educational and Charitable Trust

Sri. K. Rahman Khan
"The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

My heart fills with immense pleasure as I perceive the progress being made at DPS, Electronic City towards nurturing the future of India and the world. I extend my warm wishes to the Headmistress, Staff and Students of Delhi Public School, Electronic City to continue this journey on the road of excellence.

Wishing you a very happy academic year,

With warm regards
K. Rahman Khan

Mrs. Anupama Ramachandra
A warm welcome to Delhi Public School Electronic City

At a time when we are spoilt for choices, it is a tough decision when it comes to the future of our children, to choose a school for them. Educational institutions today vouch for holistic development, the best infrastructure, wholesome experiences and above all, uniform academic excellence. It is not surprising that we tend to be misled while selecting the right school. This is because consumerism has reached a point when it is challenging to differentiate between value addition and empty promises. Delhi Public School Electronic City, Bangalore embarked upon its journey in June 2014. Backed by a legacy that has been providing progressive education since 1967, ‘Delhi Public School Society is one of the largest institutions providing education at school level in India and abroad. The Delhi Public School Society is the administrative authority for all the institutions under its banner’. (Wikipedia)

Educating the children has never been more challenging than it is today because schools have to prepare students for jobs that have not yet been created and problems that we don’t know will arise. Although in its infancy, DPS E-City has had a head start with an ideology practiced by the largest network of quality schools in India. With a healthy balance of academics and a strong co- scholastic programme, the student is assured of an enriching experience. The infrastructure with state of the art facilities makes it a joy to be in its environs. Technology aided learning coupled with practices that make learning realistic promotes transference of learning. Assessments which are done in an all-inclusive manner develop significant life skills like decision making, problem solving, team building and effective communication. It is ensured that students advance towards new ways of the world with a strong base of our traditional values and culture. The main thrust of all endeavours at DPS Electronic City is to make each student an independent learner who is self-motivated to seek answers. To achieve this, a robust curriculum incorporating activities to hone physical, mental, emotional, aesthetic and spiritual potential is implemented. The hallmark of this institution is the flexibility given to each student to learn at one’s pace thus, creating a non- intimidating and conducive environment for personality development. Bearing in mind the significance of school and home for holistic development of the child, the school promotes the concept of ‘Partnership in Education’. Various programmes and workshops are organised to provide opportunities for families to connect with each other and with the school. We must pledge our efforts as a team to instil values beyond the learning of the textbooks in the young generation. All efforts are made to create a child friendly and child safe environment where schooling becomes a precious experience.

I with my team of dedicated and passionate teachers assure that each child who enters the portals of DPS Electronic City will be nurtured with utmost care to step out as a confident, accomplished individual who will become a worthy citizen of the global society. Your hopes and expectations are in good hands as we believe that , ‘Children are like water: Bottle them up and they stagnate; let them run wild and they make a mess; guide them and they bring life to all they touch’.

Wishing you happy schooling with us,

With warm regards
Anupama Ramachandra