“To err is human, to forgive divine”

Posted by DPS Blog on 07 July 2019

“To err is human, to forgive divine”

The Global forgiveness day is observed on 7th July every year but is perhaps not understood and celebrated in its true spirit as it should be. It is in our nature to commit mistakes, repeat mistakes or carry on without realising we have even made one. The consequences of grave mistakes or unintended ones invariably affect our relationships in the long run. An unhappy, disgruntled or hurt individual carries the burden of unhappiness wherever he or she goes. The family, the society and the country at large are affected when such citizens live all their lives with grudges, unable to forgive and forget or even worse waiting for an opportunity for vengeance.

As simple as it may sound, forgiveness is the key to relieving one from the conundrums of remorse, regret, hatred and unhappiness. It is important to forgive to relieve oneself from such predicaments and allow oneself and others to live a happier and more fruitful life.

If only we could forgive all who have aggrieved us, start afresh on a new note and find that alluring sense of peace it brings to a wounded soul. Imagine a world free of all hatred, all animosity , where once warring communities now make peace with each other, countries who are ever ready at the brink of war learn to live peacefully, where people are drawn closer by sheer love and forgiveness and shun all hatred in the name of religion or region, caste or creed. The world would indeed be rid of most of its problems with people jointly working towards a better life.

It is thus, more significant than ever before to celebrate the ability to forgive, to let wounds heal, to let go of all hatred and truly celebrate the Global Forgiveness Day to ensure a happy individual makes a happier world.