A sense of Responsibility

Posted by DPS Blog on 24 September 2018

A sense of Responsibility

Academic Excellence and achievements alone cannot lead a person to become responsible, rather one must nurture and inculcate a strong moral character. The sense of responsibility is a deep-rooted aspect in an individual’s personality. It is a result of cultivating good habits, qualities and attitude right from childhood. Character is the mirror of one’s qualities such as sincerity, Courage, obedience, tolerance, confidence,

Well, are these really very difficult to achieve?.

Have we become so far removed in this cut throat competitive world that we have no time to spare about our moral etiquette?

Is it really rational that we should aim only for professional excellence and not give an iota of thought to our behaviour towards others?

Are we so proud, haughty and arrogant as to forget our responsibilities and duties towards the society and the nation at large?

With focus only on improving grades and ultimately a grand career, without a care for others, may lead to unscrupulous behaviour, indecency and lack of manners. It is sad that the percentage of such people have increased in our society. Each one wants to earn money at any cost, resorts to corrupt practices, cheating and deceiving others only for personal gains and benefits.

My friends, there is still time before it is too late to save the world from extreme intolerance and anarchy. Let us change our attitude and mindset. Let us wake up and make this world a much better place to live in with a strong sense of responsibility towards all and nurture a positive personality to face the challenges of life and society.

Debashree bose