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Teacher's Testimonials 
I feel proud and honoured to be associated with Delhi Public School Electronic City since its inception and see the school grow from its humble beginnings to an institute which now has the latest state of the art facilities and infrastructure. The working atmosphere here is very positive and proactive, and it fosters a spirit of cooperation among all teaching and non-teaching staff. I have had the opportunities to gain exposure to various teaching and leadership roles. It is indeed a privilege to be a part of the management team that is keen on pursuing excellence in education.
Kavita Gupta
Senior Mistress
Working at DPS CITY for over 6 years has helped me develop as an individual holistically as I got to experience different aspects of teaching, care giving and collaborations, which broadened my view on an entirety. The plethora of activities , hobby clubs, field trips,international visits, the learner centred , student friendly approach in this school are means to reconnoitre beyond the realms of the curriculum. I feel extremely fortunate to be surrounded by qualified,committed, dedicated, friendly and warm fellow colleagues . The working environment here is very pleasant and also the systematic approach that is followed at school gives me opportunities to grow professionally and make my transition effortless. The success of any school depends on having a successful staff. I honestly believe that we have that here. I am truly honoured to be part of this team.
Senior Mistress
Parent's Testimonials 
Respected Ma’am
I Chetan Gulati, father of Pratham & Diya Gulati would like to thank the entire school faculty for putting in so much effort for us during these hard times. The school has been off but our learning hasn’t, all thanks to the teachers. I’m extremely grateful to you & Principal Ma’am and thanks you so much for being so thoughtful and making the things easy for the parents. Thank you again for planning everything in such a thoughtful, mature and wise manner. And I wanted to acknowledge how beautifully the school has managed to help us in this arduous time. Regards,
Chetan Gulati
Parent of Pratham & Diya Gulati , Grade XI A & VI
The Secret of change is to focus all the energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.' – Socrates These words are true in the current scenario. Our daughter, Shriti Banerjee, student of LKG-C is a new admission. During these hard times when as parents we feel it is unsafe to send our daughter to school, DPS Electronic City with its team of incredible teachers have brought the school to home for its students. With all the odds they have not let learning stop. Our daughter longs to be in school with her teachers and friends. Every Tuesday when her teacher comes online, she is excited and overwhelmed. Her feeling of missing out disappears. Instead with new hopes of getting ready for the next class ignites. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Principal Ma'am and the faculty of DPS Electronic City for making it possible for our kid to be in touch with learning. Please continue with your great work and special mention to Jyoti Ma'am and Ancy Ma'am for making learning fun for our daughter. She waits eagerly for her assignments and creative activity.
Sandeep & Silky
(Parents of Shriti Banerjee ,LKG-C)
Dear Ma'am,
During these tough times when lives are seeing complete paradigm shift, children are going through a major transition and who else to hold them strong apart from the parents but their teachers. We sincerely appreciate the efforts taken by each of the teachers to make this unknown and difficult journey easier for our kids. We are very happy to have chosen the right institution for our child.
Thanks again !
Arpita and Tirthankar Mitra
Parents of Toorna Mitra (I H)
Dear Team,
The COVID-19 pandemic is testing the will of nations and the resilience of people around the world. It is a very painful test that continues to take away precious lives in many countries. For educators, COVID-19 pandemic is a quintessential adaptive and transformative challenge. The paradigm shift has been handled by teachers exceptionally well at your institution. We all know, teachers are facing formidable challenges, educating students through virtual screens, getting ready with the next round of preparations and managing close to 80 number of odd students. The level of mental pressure and the calmness in handling students of different nature is quite challenging. We appreciate your efforts in going through this journey and a big thank you to all of you
Best regards
Rajat Ghosh & Ujjaini Ghosh
(Parents of Rajanya Ghosh, Class V F )
Dear Mam,
I am glad that under the current Covid situation school has started online classes, class timings are also appropriate with short breaks in between so that kids are not stressed out. It is keeping my child engaged. Moreover, as all notes are posted on Entrar its easy for them to take it down as per their convenience. The activities posted for Father's Day and World Environment Day were very interesting and my child thoroughly enjoyed it. As it is very difficult to go outside and play under current circumstances these classes and activities are keeping us busy. Other than the curriculum I try to keep her busy with some writing activities like poems or short story as well as paintings. Thanks for all the support she has been getting from her teachers.
Simmi Soman
Parent of Niyati Sajan VI D
Dear Mam,
In the Beginning I was quite confused and worried as to how helpful these online classes will be to the students and how it will drastically affect the workflow of the teachers, but now after about 8 months of online classes at DPS-ECITY I am absolutely satisfied and happy with the way all the teachers approached this situation. The individual care and attention each student got in a normal class scenario was completely replicated in online classes also. I was at first concerned with the cybersecurity in using third party apps for the online classes but now I feel really happy and safe that online classes are taking place on ENTRAR-an inhouse developed platform. I am happy seeing the extra efforts put in by the team of teachers to give the standard classroom experience in a virtual form. “With such wonderful teachers the student community can progress through n number of pandemic situations……I pray world shouldn’t face another pandemic situation”
Parent of SP. Yuva Shree Vardhini, Grade IX C
Respected Ma’am,
The past couple of years have been real taxing ones for everyone around the world. While the whole world was trying to cope-up with the happenings around them, the teaching community had their own struggles to deal with. From conducting online classes, exams & evaluations to having co-curricular activities online, the teachers have done a commendable job on all fronts. As a satisfied parent, I would like to sincerely thank the teachers & non-teaching staff of DPS(E-City) on their efforts & I believe they have been successful in using the correct mix of teaching skills, technology & their emotions to conduct these online sessions, so that the students don’t feel the difference between offline & online schooling. It is commendable to see that even during the times of this pandemic, the school is giving equal importance to co-curricular activities like that of the Rotary Interact Club, Model United Nations, Solo dance and singing competitions etc. As a father of 2 students (Anagha Girish – Grade XI, Aarushi Girish – Grade VI) of DPS E-City, I’m very satisfied with their online schooling over the past 2 years. Especially, the last academic year was very crucial for my elder daughter (Anagha Girish), as she was in Grade X. Without the support of her teachers, she wouldn’t have been able to pass out with flying colors. I would especially like to thank Anagha’s teachers – Mrs. Deboshree Bose, Mrs. Usha Raman, Mrs. Sumedha Pathak, Mrs. Suja Christobel, Mrs. Soumya Shaji, Mrs. Mosumie Acharya, Mrs. Nagarathna Sathish & Mrs. Sunita Prasad for providing her tremendous support in Grade X& preparing her for her Grade X board exams. I’m extremely pleased to see the same level of support she is being provided in Grade XI. Apart from her grade X teachers she is also being supported by Mrs. Ritasha Samantroy, Ms. Megha Rao & Mr. Justin Johnson. Above all I would like to thank the principal, Mrs. Anupama Ramachandra without whose support this wouldn’t have been possible. Yours Sincerely,
Girish Gangadharan
Parent of Anagha Girish (Grade 11 D)