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 Leading CBSE School near Bannerghatta road 

Since its inception, Delhi Public School Electronic City, a leading CBSE School near Bannerghatta Road has been very progressive in incorporating child-centric practices which promote well-rounded personality in its students. A healthy balance of academic and co-curricular syllabus keeps the campus energized with an array of activities throughout the school year.

At DPS Electronic City, The concept of ‘Smart Class’ involves bringing technology into each classroom which will facilitate better comprehension and resources for improved learning. Many technology aided programmes are introduced in specific subjects for multi - pronged approach to learning. A judicious balance of gadget aided learning and other activities is maintained. To facilitate a student centred approach in teaching, DPS Electronic City follows the strategies of Flipped classrooms thus ensuring higher levels of concept understanding, deeper thinking and applications. The Curriculum is enriched by group discussions, peer work, projects, hands – on activities and explorations. Stress is laid more on 'learning by doing' than rote - learning.

A system of ‘Continuous Informal Evaluation' is followed based on classwork, theme-based worksheets and everyday observations.

Developing Leadership skills

All school activities including assemblies, annual day, inter - house competitions etc., are led by the students. They organise each programme with the assistance of staff members thus, developing organisational skills, team spirit and most importantly, leadership qualities.
Thematic Assemblies

In an endeavour to instill values and create social awareness about relevant and burning issues through dance, drama, music, debate, story-telling sessions, painting and other creative expressions, 'thematic assemblies' are organised at regular intervals involving all students.
Practical exposure through Labs

A state - of - the - art computer labs ensure that multimedia is extensively used to make learning interesting and easy. Well - equipped Science laboratories provide the practical exposure and room for experimentation and exploration to theoretical learning.
Reading Programmes

A well - stocked library acts as the knowledge centre of the school as it offers reading material both in print as well as online content. Many author visits are organised to encourage students inculcate reading habits and do research using the exhaustive resources. Technology enabled apps for storytelling and reading are also introduced to inculcate the love for reading.
Swimming as a Life skill

Swimming has been included in the curriculum for grade I and above. The indoor, temperature regulated, state-of the art swimming pool thus teaches students an important lifesaving skill.
Health and fitness

Regular health check - ups, & age - specific wellness programmes are also conducted to ensure physical and mental health of the child. Yoga and Aerobics have been made mandatory classes to ensure flexibility, stability and stronger physical fitness.
Mental and emotional health

The School Counsellors and Special Educators create a protective circle for students with emotional issues, behavioural and learning problems. Appropriate counselling is offered with the consent of parents and regular sessions are organised by experts in the field to equip staff and parents to handle behaviours of different age groups.
Individual Education Plan

An Individual Education Plan is prepared keeping the needs of each child in mind. Altered question papers are prepared for students with special needs. The assessment of students who cannot cope up with the specified curriculum will be customized, if need arises. This aims to fully integrate the child into the social and educational milieu.
Mental and emotional health

The School Counsellors and Special Educators create a protective circle for students with emotional issues, behavioural and learning problems. Appropriate counselling is offered with the consent of parents and regular sessions are organised by experts in the field to equip staff and parents to handle behaviours of different age groups.
Hobby Clubs

A wide range of 'Hobby Clubs' have been incorporated in the schedule where each student selects an activity of his/her choice & pursues it as a hobby. This facilitates the development of their inherent talents and breaks the monotony of the daily schedule.
Performing Arts

Delhi Public School, Electronic City has always laid stress on the finer aspects of life. Arts and Crafts, Dance and Music are specially emphasized in the school's curriculum.
Scouts & Guides

Encouraging students to follow the disciplined way of life as advocated by Lord Baden Powell, the Scouts & Guides movement is incorporated into the school curriculum. The schools also takes initiative in hosting overnight inter school camps
Eco - Friendly School

With a strong belief that we can be agents of change, the school has a structured programme of educating students about creating a litter - free society. We partner with many organisations to educate all stakeholders of the school to become responsible in using, disposing and recycling materials.
Community Outreach programmes

In an endeavour to sensitize students towards the needs of the lesser privileged, the school associates itself with various social projects involving students' participation. Students work with organisations like The Red Cross, SOS Villages, Samarthanam Trust and Old age -homes, Rotary Interact Club. Through these initiatives they reach out to neighbourhood and nearby government schools thus moving towards understanding their greater role in society.
External Examinations

To give the students a head start and equip them to make a mark on the national and international educational arena, the school provides them with ample opportunities to appear for external examinations like the Olympiads, Cambridge English exams,NTSE, NSTSE and SMTE conducted by organizations of repute.
Internationalism in Education

In an attempt to create global citizens who would initiate change in the inter - connected world, the School has developed partnerships with schools around the world. By participating in programmes like International School Award of the British Council the students are provided opportunities to engage in collaborative projects to understand different cultures and values.
Teacher Training Programmes

DPS Electronic City believes that the teachers form the backbone of any educational institution. On - going teacher training programmes provide professional development to the staff. They are empowered with assessment programmes, both at the national level and international levels. Teachers attend several CBSE Competency Building programmes
Parent Involvement

On several occasions the family members participate in school activities to enhance the sense of belongingness and partnership. Parent volunteers are encouraged to contribute to the education of the students at school in many ways depending on their interest.

The school organises crowdfunding programmes such as ‘Run for Better Schools’ Marathon , Fistful to Stomach full’ and many such initiatives where in parents, students and the school work as partners towards the betterment of the society. Such programmes also help in developing the skills of empathy and values of generosity. On two occasions the students collected nearly Rs. 8.5 Lakhs and Rs. 6 Lakhs towards cataract surgeries for the elderly and provided mid-day meals to government school students respectively
Field trips

Educational field trips are organized twice a year where students engage in experiential learning. Visits to orphanages, old age homes, nearby schools and other social initiatives are a means to instill the right values, explore, observe and learn beyond the confines of a classroom. Trips to Channapatna toy factory, silk farms add value to the experience.
Organising Events

The school takes initiative in organising and hosting inter school events and competitions like CBSE inter school sports competitions and DPS society inter school national swimming meets, thus providing students an opportunity to develop their managerial, organisational and people skills.

Activities like these complement the academic work of the school and provide varied opportunities, greatly increasing the probability of students discovering activities at which they can excel. The array of opportunities is integrated into the curriculum to make the days at school productive and enhance confidence, self - esteem, leadership and social skills.