Posted by DPS Blog on 22 August 2018

Happiness is a combination of how satisfied you are with your life and how good you feel on a day to day basis. We have the ability to control how we feel and with consistent practise we can form life long habits for a more satisfying and fulfilling life.

Here are few tips to stay happy:

  1. Socialize with your friends, watch comedy shows, funny movies.
  2. Figure out who you truly enjoy with. Give as much time as you can for people who really enjoy your company and whom you enjoy being with.
  3. Trust yourself and others. Even if things in life don’t seem to be working in your favour, trust in yourself will always protect you.
  4. Accept yourself and the world around you. Remember to better yourself as you better other things around you.
  5. Be motivated by love and not fear. Let love guide you to a better life worth working for.
  6. Let go bad things that happened in your life. Focus on what you enjoy and what works for you. Let go what you cannot control, negative emotions like guilt, shame.
  7. Surround yourself with people and experiences that support the life you want. Make sure the people you spend most time with are both positive and affirming. The people you are close in life don’t necessarily need to believe in and value exactly what you need. You just want to be sure they respect and support the person you are.
  8. Our lives are defined by deadlines, target and stress of course. We are always in a hurry to do something to make plans for the future. Worrying always about our future will not make our today beautiful. But living in the present will give you peace of mind.
  9. Be kind to yourself. Many of our actions might not lead to positive results always. But there is no need to be harsh on yourself. Be compassionate to yourself and always make it a point to learn from our mistakes.
  10. Researchers suggest that if you develop your strong areas, you will be more productive and happy.
  11. There is a strong relationship between diet, physical activity, sleep and mood. If you want to be happier get adequate sleep, eat well balanced food, exercise regularly.
  12. Meditation can help us relax, stay in the moment and be more mindful in thinking and emotions. When we are deeply relaxed, when our mind and body is quiet, we recover quickly from stress. Developing a meditation practice can be a great way to cope with a fast-paced life and cultivate more positive emotions.