Ten Must Read Animal Stories Ruskin Bond

Posted by DPS Blog on 29 November 2018

Everyone knows a chameleon can change color but do you know it has a tongue as long as its body. Unlike us where our both the eyes move together in same direction, Chameleon can move its eyes in different direction. All these funny facts about animals present in the book named “Ten must read animal stories” by Ruskin Bond.

There is a story about a boy Kishore who is curious to see a tiger and waits awake for a whole night. Another story is about a parrot who refuses to speak even after several rounds of speech therapy and the owner starts yelling at it. The story of Hornbill (a bird if you don’t know google it, a very beautiful one) which is saved from predator. Another interesting story about Hare, Jackal, Otter and a monkey is there.

There are also many other stories with different animals as main character. The stories are very simple and easy to read. I’m sure reading it for children’s will delight them. Happy reading.