Posted by DPS Blog on 25 December 2018

In modern technology, integrated circuits are essential elements for a wide range of electrical products such as watches, television sets, washing machines, cars, computers, smart phones and all other digital devices. Developing innovative layout designs of integrated circuits is essential for the production of ever smaller digital devices with more functions. While the creation of a new layout design is usually the result of an enormous investment, both in financial term and in terms of the time required from highly qualified experts, the copying of such a layout design may cost only a fraction of the original investment. In order to prevent unauthorized copying of layout designs and to provide incentives for investing in this field, the layout design of integrated circuit is legally protected under the Intellectual Property System. Children’s are always innovative and their brilliant innovations and working prototypes has to be recognised and appreciated. It’s very important for the young innovators who are very much interested and involved in designing integrated circuit layout to legally protect their innovations in India under the Semiconductor Integrated Circuits Layout Design Act 2000. If you’re kid launches a new product with some unique features, of any Integrated Circuit Layout Design which is in original form, distinctive, capable of distinguishing from any other layout design and have not been commercially exploited anywhere in India or in a convention country can be legally registered in India. With Regards Mrs. Arokia Anitha (Advocate & IP Legal Advisor) Parent of HANIRVAN – LKG – D