Posted by DPS Blog on 23 September 2018

“Design means the feature of shape, configuration, pattern or ornament or composition of
lines or colour or combination applied to any article”
Under the Designs Law, the object is to protect new or original design created to be
manufactured by industrial process. Designs of an object will legally protect the external
appearance of the article or non-physical product.
When you legally protect / register your own design, you have the right to control its use. As an
owner of the registered design, you can prevent others from using the design without your
permission. You can exploit your designs in many ways. You can also use your registration to
protect your market share by barring others from copying it or license it to third parties for
commercial returns or sell the design for monetary returns.
The purpose of Design Registration is to see that the artisan, originator, creator of a design
being legally rewarded for his/her work.
(Example) How to legally protect your Designs?
Father: Finish your designs faster; I want to get it made in the workshop.
Daughter: Yes Papa, look at the beautiful design I made for the necklace.
Father: She is making beautiful designs; I hope no one copies them. Let me first discuss with my
lawyer and see if I can protect these designs immediately.
Lawyer: Yes, what advise you require?
Father: Please advise us whether we can protect the designs made by my daughter.
Lawyer: Yes, Of course you can. It is a type of Intellectual Property and can be protected as
Designs. The designs make an article attractive. In fact I am sure that even you buy something
which has a pretty design or looks good to the eye.
Father: Yes, very true. That is why the necklaces designed by my daughter are sold at a better
Lawyer: I have filed the application for your design and once your design is registered, you can
stop others from copying them.
Father: My daughter your design been legally protected.
Daughter: Thank you so much Papa, at this age I am being rewarded and legally recognised for
my creative work.
If you have a design that you would like to have legally protected, it’s a good idea to get
acquainted with Intellectual Property Law in general. Hence the more you create a design make
sure they are also legally protected under law.