Coding with Scratch workbook

Posted by DPS Blog on 23 September 2018

How many of your parents are “Software engineer”. Do you know what do they do – “PROGRAMMING”? Programming is the language which you can speak with the computer.

Your teacher speaks English in your class so that you can understand and respond to what he/she says. In the same way, you need to use a particular language which the computer can understand. There are many such programming languages and one among it is Scratch which is easy for kids to learn. To learn scratch you need a computer with a browser in it, also initial days of parental guidance.  “Coding with Scratch workbook” from DK workbooks will introduce children’s to the world of programming. They don’t need to type any code, they can just drag, drop controls and create the program. They are described in step by step so that it can be easily followed.

Learning programming will improve your problem solving and critical thinking skill. This book is for an absolute beginner. Happy coding.