Back to School

Posted by DPS Blog on 13 June 2018

‘You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one.

So buckle up, pack your bags, and get ready to start a new day in another fresh year of school.’ 


It’s another year in school with lots of fun, activities, games……and of course, studies!! The summer vacations are over, and here’s looking forward to some fun with schoolmates again!

During the last two weeks of our pre mid-term examination I was really excited for the summer vacations to begin. My exams went well, and when the vacations began my friends and I had sleep-overs, hosted parties, celebrated birthdays and had loads of fun.

My summer began with playing sports, swimming, eating ice-cream and doing teeny-weeny holiday homework! I also had opportunities to do other cool things like learning a new computer language and building a LEGO crane. But the highlight was a vacation in the USA to meet my cousins and relatives.

I’m really excited to get back to school. I’ll meet my friends after a long time, meet new students and learn lots of new things. Although our session had already started in March, I’m glad to go back after almost 50 days!


Here’s an ode to another exciting year at school


School starts, the summer break is done
But do not fret, it’ll be loads of fun!
You’ve been in the mood to eat ice-cream,
But they are not allowed in the school regime!

The exams are lengthy and tough,
Yes, they can really be rough!
But if you study in detail,
You will surely not fail!

It’s the start of another school year,
You may get into the bracket of fear!
But worry not my friend, a new school year has come,
Our school is a castle of fun, wherein you will surely succumb!

Ashwin Jayendra
IX – A